Had the occasion last night to nail a VERY LARGE rat that snuk in from the adjacent vacant lot, attempting to set up house in my garage. Below the forend a Weaver/Picatinny accessory rail is placed for mounting a bipod, light … Come on compressor! By: Jim Chapman. Forums › PCP Airguns › PCP Airgun – Discussion › A competitor for the Air Venturi Avenger? I ordered from Pyramid just because they are also an Air Venturi repair shop. All the best and good luck in your shooting. The only changes I have made to the gun from the way I received it is, lowered the regulator pressure to 1200 psi according to the gauge on the gun resulting in a velocity of 875 FPS (18 FPE) and producing slightly over 1” groups at 50 yards. But, hey, this is a gun for modders, right? Is it a good thing, or another bit of garbage that'll break in 3 months? I ordered the Air Venturi Avenger .25 on June 19 from PA. . I suspect the .177 tuned to shoot HFT, will easily shoot a 60 shot match without refilling at 3000. Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total). I recall years and years ago a similar situation with an airgun (don’t recall which one) causing a bunch of people canceling their preorders (no, not the Hammer. They look a lot a like for sure. Rifle Air Venturi Avenger, Regulated PCP Calibre.177(4.5mm) Velocidad de 1000 Precargado Pneumatico Amartillado lateral Culata sintética Regulador ajustable externamente (hasta 3000 PSI / 210 BAR) Tornillo de ajuste del resorte del martillo de fácil acceso Gatillo ajustable de dos etapas Presión máxima de llenado: 4351 PSI … So now we understand how our Air Venturi Avenger performs in factory condition. I as well, ordered a .25 and a .177 in mid June. Featuring an externally adjustable regulator and externally adjustable hammer spring, the Avenger provides the user a seemingly infinite amount of performance adjustability never seen at … 300 BAR, or 4351 PSI means that you will not get but a very few fills off a carbon fiber tank and that it it is really meant to be filled by a small compressor. I’m thinking that without the pump, they could sell it for $250 and it could be a possible competitor for the Air Venturi Avenger. ... Forum Icons: Forum contains no unread posts Forum contains unread posts. Hand pumping beyond 3200 psi is just beyond this 80 year old codger, but I still get 30 shots until it falls off the reg. We've known each other since the second grade after all. I have heard a couple of comments already that the gun feels cheap-OH CONTRERE"-this is as good as it gets for $299. Original reply from PA was "in stock" in early July, then target moved to July 20. PA's done this over and over. I would hope the .177 properly tuned for FT would produce in excess of 120 shots on the 300 bar fill. There's no doubt that the Avenger is THE $300 PCP to buy if you're an experienced, interested airgunner who loves to tinker. Yes, the Avenger out of the box, is possibly shooting a bit hot and I plan on getting it down to 20 if it is. What would be the trade off? This Air Venturi Avenger review results in a well-earned HAM Gold Award! At least we were in the early wave of orders. The brand new FX Crown MkII IN STOCK NOW at Baker Airguns... Pyramyd Air launches Build Your Own Airgun! Hardairmagazine tuned their .22 down to 20fpe, filled to 3000 psi and got a very respectable 90 shots. Become an AGN forum member to be included in our multi-thousand dollar Recent Posts. Any guesses on the technology that makes up the Ever Pressure Tank System? Let’s take a look at this year’s most anticipated budget PCP air rifle: the Air Venturi Avenger! Both have a shrouded barrel, together with an identical manual safety and trigger. RE: Air Arms TX200 or HW97? Also know the gun as you receive it, is not what I’d consider backyard friendly in terms of noise.