Crosman. Add to Cart. Archer Airguns stocks a large range of parts kits to fit Crosman airguns. Page 1 of 1. Please see the Crosman 2260 / Benjamin Discovery parts pages for confirmation. 00. pellet gun breech cover. Crosman Choose Your Part Page Select any needed part for 2240 2250 2260 1377 1322 2289. 2240 Choose Your Part; 1377 / 1322 Choose Your Part; 2250 Choose Your Part; Crosman 1077 Valve Parts. It is in very good condition. There is no rear sight included with this option. 2260 Crosman - Airgun spares. B1364 Rear breech screw . Extended probe for Crosman 2260 2250 2240 .177 or .22 cal / made of brass. Crosman. Check to enable permanent hiding of message bar and refuse all cookies if you do not opt in. Price: £2.31 Currently out of stock. The Crosman Rabbitstopper 2260 air rifle is a single shot, bolt action, .22 calibre C02 powered rifle manufactured in the States and predominantly aimed at the youth market. Crosman Pellgun Oil Multi Pack Air Gun Rifle Co2 Pistol Pump Up Lube Pell Gun. We've been supplying customers with hard to find parts since 1950. Details. Well you've come to the right place because this category contains owner's manuals and exploded views of parts diagrams. 13XX includes Crosman 1377, 1322, 1300KT and related models like the 2289G Backpacker. per page. We add new products often, so please add us as a favorite seller & return frequently. . Click on the links below or you can even do a search. Magnum Airpower is the world leader in custom high-performance parts for Crosman & Benjamin airguns. Lost a manual or need a part? These mods work specifically with the Crosman 2240, 2250, and 2260. Price: £2.86 Currently out of stock. For the Crosman 2250/2260. Bagnall and Kirkwood Airgun Spares Online store for all your spares airgun needs. Crosman® Brands; Account . The Crosman 2260 is a .22 caliber single shot C02 air rifle. Many of these parts kits fit the Crosman 1740, Crosman 1750, 2250, Crosman 2300S and 2300T air pistols. View as Grid List. OEM Parts. Visit us at WWW.ALCHEMYAIRWERKS.COM for items not eBay listed. This will redirect you to Crosman Canada's OEM Parts selection; Search. Complete with steel probe/bolt, grub screw, end cap, allen keys and instructions. What others should know: The Crosman 2260 is a great looking air rifle. Crosman Gun Parts. Crosman 2260. This factory 10.1″ Crosman barrel has been pre-fitted with a non-removable, pressed on 1/2″ x 20 threaded muzzle adapter. The Crosman 2260/1760 Parts Diagram with all parts listed we only stock Genuine Crosman Spares You’ll want this, or the steel breech option for the 2260 if you’ll be mounting a scope. The Crosman 2260 air rifle is very popular with airgunners who like to modify their airguns. Crosman 1377,1322,2289,2240,2250,2260 steel breech, custom bolt, custom screw This is a Crosman steel breech with a Discovery Rifle.22 bolt and upgraded breech screw. Custom Lothar Walther 177, 20, 22, and 25 cal. Sort By. Crosman 2260-1760 all you need for this model is listed here the Parts Diagram==Spare Parts== Custom Parts, The Crosman 2260/1760 Parts Diagram with all parts listed we only stock Genuine Crosman Spares, This section has custom parts made by GMAC in Brass Aluminium and Black Steel all to fit the Crosman 2260, This Section contains parts made and supplied by Crosman not fitted to the standard pistol to customise your 2260, This Section Lists HPA and CO2 fittings manufactured by GMAC and other manufacturers parts that can be used to convert your gun to bulk fill, Crosman All 2260-1760 - gmac custom parts, A Splash of Colour Anodised Aluminium Parts, DELIVERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION PLEASE READ. 2260 HiPac unit has something like 72cc’s of volume. Add $25. Custom Made Barrels for Crosman, Benjamin, Beeman QB's, and AirForce guns. MAGNUM VALVES for Discovery & 22XX $ 56. Please note that pricing on exploded view of parts … You're currently reading page 1; Page 2; Page 3; Page 4; Page 5; Page Next; Show. Archer Airguns cannot provide telephone or email support to help you fix your gun, even if you decide to use our parts … 2260/1760 Crosman Custom Parts . It's not tacticool, but beautiful nontheless. 00. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . The plastic breech and plastic trigger group are actually well made. Owner's Manuals and Parts Diagrams. Toggle navigation. Plastic parts should last a long time. Price: £54.12 Currently out of stock. Parts Kits for Crosman 2260 Airguns. Details. We need 2 cookies to store this setting. .22 caliber single shot, C02 Wood Stock Crosman discontinued this model for a time but recently made a limited run Velocity up to 600 fps. 1077 Valve; 1077 Plug; 1077 Transfer Tube; 1077 Polished Barrel Shroud; Crosman Muzzle Brakes Aluminum, Vented & Solid Brass. Measures 1-3/8" long. CUSTOM CROSMAN & BENJAMIN AIRGUN PARTS. Price: £2.31 B1409 Sight blade screw . B1368 Frame cover screw . Add to Wish List Add to Compare. [/IMG] [/IMG] Changed just about everything else on this .22 2260, but it still a (shortened) Crosman … PCP Kits for Crosman 1377 / 1322; PCP Kits for Crosman 2240 / 2250 / 2260; Breeches New. SKU. Page. The breech has been internally de-burred and polished. Questions and parts requests encouraged. Many of the ideas presented here also apply in one shape or form to other airguns as well. A popular manufacturer of airguns, airsoft guns, bows, and crossbows. We specialize in 13XX, 22XX and specific PCP models. 4.5 135 reviews * Crosman .22-cal. Crosman Air Rifle Company started off its operations with airgun, air rifle and pellet production. Settings . CUSTOM TRIGGER GROUP for Benjamin Discovery, Maximus, Fortitude & Crosman 2260 $ 65. This is off a Model 130 pistol. This section has custom parts made by GMAC in Brass Aluminium and Black Steel all to fit the Crosman 2260 . However, with time and increased popularity of their air rifles and airguns in the global marketplace and among gun aficionados, they diversified their stock and product range. The parts kits on these pages fit the Crosman 2260 and 1760 air rifles. barrels with custom bolt for Crosman 22xx, and 13xx series guns. Items 1-24 of 1577. If you combine the following mods with a 24" 2260 barrel, you should be able to achieve high 700's to low 800's depending on … Qty. Alchemy AirWerks features stock, modified and custom items for Crosman air pistols, carbines and rifles. It may fit other models Crosman pistols& rifles also. Crosman .22-Cal Steel Breech Kit, Fits 2240, 2250, 2260, 2289 & 1322 Air Guns. £7.99. M230 - CO2 VALVE SEAL for Crosman 2240, 2250 and 2260 also Sheriden E17, E17-22, E20, EB17, EB20, EB22 (Crosman part number G397-012) £3.00 OUT OF STOCK M232- 14 and a quarter of an inch (362mm) barrel to fit Crosman 2250 Rabbitstopper. This is a direct replacement barrel for the Crosman 2240 and Crosman Custom Shop 2300KT and 2400KT airguns. It looks like it was riveted in but I have been unable to get the barrel assembly trigger group out of the stock. WHEN YOU HAVE FOUND THE PART NUMBER YOU WANT THE PART WILL BE LISTED BELOW, **9999 This is the charge to cut and re-crown a new barrel AT THE SAME TIME AS purchased on this site postage is covered by barrel purchase, 130-035 Valve Seal this 'O'ring is used on the valve (alternative in custom section 4 seal kit), 130-036 Transfer port seal this fits between the main tube and holds the transfer port (included in custom section 4 seal kit), 1322-015  Screw this screw is used to secure the back of the plastic breech for a steel breech you need AS2250-015, 1322-045  Pin this pin is used as a pivot for the trigger and trigger sear within the frame, 1322-054  Screw this slot head screw is used to secure the trigger cover plate on the grip frame, 1322A026  Transfer Port sometimes called the sleeve fits into the seal 130-036 and transfers the gas from the valve to the barrel, 1322A048  Trigger Sear (alternatives in custom section made in stainlees steel and 2 stage in hardened steel  ), 1322A059  Sight Block complete this is the standard sight block as fitted on the plastic breech, 1322B027  Breech screw with 50 thou.allen key ( Alterative stainless steel slot head screw in custom section 007-0953 ), 1377-065  Sight screw this screw holds the sight plate at the back of the block of the standard sights, 1377-074  Breech Top this is the standard plastic breech that is supplied with the gun on several models, 1377-077  Breech Bottom this is the bottom section of the plastic breech part number 1377-074, 151-015  Screw this small screw is used to secure the valve to the main tube on several models, 1763-056 Trigger Cover Screw this is the allen head screw that requires a 1/16" allen key can be used to replace 1322-054, 2100A011  Hammer Pin this pin fits in the top of the hammer behind the probe to cock the gun, 2250-004  Rear Plug (alternative in custom section made from solid brass and 6062 Aluminium ), 2250-010  Valve Body this valve body is used on several Crosman models 2240 2250b AS2250 2300T 2260, 2250-011  Valve Front  this comes complete with the CO2 seal G397-012 and the valve seal 130-035, 2250-016  Valve Stem if gas is leaking out of the gun down the barrel this is the seal that needs to be changed, 2250A006  This part is no longer available from Crosman it has been replaced by the hammer used in the 2300T pistol 2300-050, 2260-002 Co2 Plug and Rod and fitted guide (alternative in custom section made from solid brass ), 2260-006 Barrel Spacer which is made in plastic fits between the barrel and the main tube and improves the appearance, 2260-011 Trigger Spring this is the trigger tension spring which fits at the back of the trigger, 2260-012  Stock Lug this part secures the front of the trigger frame and accepts the stock screw 2230-013, 2260-013 Stock Screw this screw secures the wood stock screwing into the stock lug 2260-012, 262-002 Trigger Cover made in plastic to fit part number 262B001 fixed with two screws part number 1322-054, 262-020 Trigger/Safety Spring the gun can not be fired without this part being fitted correctly, 262A003 Trigger arm this part pivots between the trigger 262A004 and the trigger sear 1322A048, 2260/1740 Parts Diagram - gmac custom parts, 1322B027 Breech screw with 50 thou.allen key, This part is no longer available from Crosman it has been replaced by the hammer used in the 2300T pistol, A Splash of Colour Anodised Aluminium Parts, DELIVERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION PLEASE READ.