Water the soil thoroughly and wait for the water to drain through, then empty any excess water sitting in the saucer. Learn why the golden cane palm is not ideal for your home or backyard. or can it go out in the full sun straight away? Upkeep, what is best for them please,. What is the best way to remove /kill Golden Cane pups which have fallen and are growing around the bas. Take a cue from this and collect fresh seeds to start new palms. Good and aggressive management to keep from spreading will help keep this palm’s willingness to expand in check. Thank you. Hi David I have two 27 year old gorgeous Golden Canes that have spread to the extent that they are pushing my paling fence over. Many make very good indoor plants. Flowering and fruiting: branch-like stems bear small cream, white, yellow, orange or pink sweet-smelling flowers, often with a conspicuous tough protective bract. Mulch well but keep away from the trunk to prevent collar rot. Indoors they will require watering, although outdoors thay are regarded as drought tolerant.Over time they can reach 12m in height, however this is in the more tropical climates. I am in Perth and have a lot of Golden canes in my (attempted) tropical garden. Whilst not an actual bamboo the canes of this palm resemble that of bamboo. The conditions necessary for a golden cane palm to grow are all available in Brisbane. Hi David we have golden canes nearly fully established 2 meters from pool no roots when dug hole for pool is it still ok ? Hi Lynn. You’ll have another chance…. It looks like chemicals may have been poured in that area by the fire brigade as a near by Sheenas Gold is also showing signs of die back. There are normally 6-8 leaves on each long rachise. It should be given regular misting, especially during the winter if the humidity is exceptionally dry. I have two pots of Golden Canes, I have been mulling over where to put them for about two years. Great for instant tropical garden and “Clean” leaf free screen along a pool! I remove the seed clusters before the seeds are formed as they can block my pool cleaner. Allow the top 3-5cm of soil to dry out before watering again. Cultivation. Tip: the top of the soil may look dry but it can be wet beneath, so before watering your plant, dip your finger into the soil to feel the level of moisture. Nardo. It grows best in tropical and sub-tropical areas, but is good as an indoor palm anywhere. Suited to containers and indoor gardens in cooler climates. II. Care Fertilise in Spring with a slow release fertiliser like NPK or alternate with an organic manure. Dig them out or use some kind of spray? User #414518 88 posts. Just ensure they get plenty of water and fertiliser regularly, can pups regrow roots if pulled out without them, Sorry Connie but it’s unlikely. We have a golden cane in the ground and is over 20 yrs old. So, the spine of the leaf has two names depending on where on the leaf it is located. golden and green. Finding plants that will survive the root system under the palms. Areca Palm Care Summary; Common Name: Areca Palm, Butterfly Palm, Golden Cane Palm, Yellow Palm: Scientific Name: Dypsis Lutescens: Indoor Height: 6-12 feet: Spread: 6-8 feet: Water: Maintain moist soil. Required fields are marked *, ABN 26 434 370 849 63 Rocklea Street Archerfield Phone 1800 Tree Dr = 1800 873 337 Mobile 04 888 ARBOR = 04 888 27267, Address : 63 Rocklea St, Archerfield. Chrysalidocarpus lutescens or Golden Cane palm, so popular as a houseplant in Britain, grows well but needs to be protected from full sun. I have a couple of problems 1. A medium sized clumping palm that grows very well in Perth in either sun or shade. If placing indoors, a bright area with some direct sunlight is ideal. It depends on your soil type. Hi Kathy. Hi David we have some fully grown golden canes that are dieing after our neighbours house burnt down. Take care if you are doing it yourself as the stalks are heavier than they might seem. It does, however, require a nice, moist soil in order to thrive … Going to prune all the dead bits off, hit it with seasol and see how we go! Hi, i am wondering about digging up several golden cane plants all many many years old and approx 5 metres plus tall. The reason is to limit the deadwood resulting from the pruning, but really golden canes generally respond well to the removal of stalks. Call the Termite Guys at any time for free quotes or for a termite inspection! Wholesale Palms - Palm Trees Australia. Nothing beats an attractive palm in a nice pot, there is a huge selection of palms to choose from, and what's more, they grow all over Australia. The Golden Cane Palm is one of the most popular and attractive palms with golden stems and yellow-green fronds. Hi Dave I’m calling from Ghana west Africa. Arborists often see damage they have caused from being planted near pools and on retaining walls. It’s a cold-hardy, fast-growing and relatively low-maintenance plant. In temperate areas such as Sydney, when grown outdoors they usually get to around 5m in … Keep away from drafts of hot and cold air that can harm the plant. Hi, we have approximately 25 Golden Canes at 2m spacings along a boundary line. The Golden Cane Palm thrives in full sun to part shade. There is almost no new growth from the base of the clumps of long canes. DESCRIPTION: Native to Queensland and New South Wales, the Alexander or Alexandra palm establishes quickly, perfect for gardeners looking to create a tropical paradise in a hurry.Fruits in long tails of bright red berries. Temperature Golden Cane does not perform well in cold areas and will show immediate damage even after 1–2 nights of cold temperatures. Reduce watering in the cooler months. Is this correct? The Golden Cane Palm is very adaptable and can be grown in full sun to part shade or in a bright spot indoors. I have read that they are often used around pools etc because they don’t have an invasive root structure, can you confirm this for me please? Potted palms are versatile. Also known as the Butterfly Palm, the leaves curve upwards in multiple stems to create a butterfly look. Great for instant tropical garden and “Clean” leaf free screen along a pool! I have several clumps of golden canes around my pool. A medium sized clumping palm that grows very well in Perth in either sun or shade. Maintenance: Fertilise with slow release fertiliser in spring. … Keep the soil evenly moist, but not soggy. Hi Terry. They do not need to be fed extensively once established, but new specimens benefit from adding some amount of broken down organic matter into the planting hole when being planted. Welcome to Palms Online, our online palm nursery with various varieties of palm trees for sale. The Golden Cane Palm also make a very attractive indoor plant in a warm spot with filtered light. Bangalow palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana) The bangalow palm is a tall and fast growing native tree that can grow up to 20 metres high. Probably need to cut off the outermost 4 on each tree. The Golden ... Read more>> Height: 6-10m: Origin: Madagascar: Position: Full Sun/Shade: Kentia Palm. Golden Cane Palm prefers average to warm environments and high humidity. In Adelaide, it grows to 3 metres and likes sheltered conditions in warmer areas. The petiole is the stalk of the leaf from the stem of the plant to the leaf blade, or to the first petiolule (stem of leaflet) as in the case above. We suggest removing trees located near pools or slabs due to the pressure the increasing size of the base applies to soil, potentially cracking pool linings and even concrete. Named for its golden stems, that actually grow more green indoors, and sometimes referred to as the Butterfly palm, the Golden cane palm is the perfect tropical addition to your plant gang. Under cultivation, this palm generally grows to 6 metres in height, sometimes taller. Apply a coarse mulch in summer to prevent the soil fron drying out. Thanks. Golden Cane can tolerate some amounts of shade, but enjoys a day of full direct sun exposure. Termite ... must have a palm (I cant think of a good enough reason why) then plant it AT LEAST 10m away from anything you care about, especially the house. Expired fronds tend to get caught in-between stalks. Golden Cane Palm (Dypsis lutescens) Golden Cane Palm is an attractive multi trunked palm with golden stems and full, green fronds. Welcome to Palm Plantation. The trunk of Golden Cane palms can easily damage structures and even their roots destroy retaining walls. Our ProductsIndoor PlantsOffice PlantsSame-Day Plant DeliveryGifts Plants for All OccasionsCorporate Living Gift PlantsPlant BombonieresOnline Gift Card, InfoPlant CareOrder & DeliveryAbout UsContact UsBlog, Sign up to receive updates, sales, plant tips and more. Adelaide’s leading palm specialists, open to the public and trade. They like things on the steamy side so give their leaves a spritz of water … Growing Golden Cane Palm Tree in Brisbane. USE IN: Tropical garden settings and poolside for screening and feature planting. You need to find out what type palm trees. Especially in the favorable Brisbane QLD climate. Ensure adequate water in the warmer months but do not over-water in winter. A popular landscaping plant, the golden cane palm (Dypsis lutescens) is ideal for bringing a tropical feel into your garden or home. David could you please tell me if after purchasing a two metre tall one from a well known home improvement chain in Brisbane (to keep as a container plant) is it necessary to sun harden it? During this time, soil temperature is at 65 degrees F which is ideal for the golden cane palm. If you have a soil that doesn’t easily compact it can apply enormous force to a structure. Due care must be taken to keep the seedlings from taking over, and many horticulturists agree that keeping the lower stems and fronds cut and clean makes this palm look better.