We recently embarked on an exciting journey to further embed our purpose to help people and business prosper in every business decision. These policies are approved by the Group’s board of directors, indicating the date of the last update. 3 ANNUAL REPORT 2340 7 ANNUAL REPORT 2016 6 114 Banco Santander worldwide 122 About this report 8 9 124 Glossary 128 General information 136 Financial statements 140 GRI indicators. Throughout the year, advances were implemented such as increased autonomy and demands resolution at the time of customer service, and an average time reduction to resolve the complaints, achieving 3.7 business days in December / 2018 (maximum time is 10 days). Santander Totta, SGPS, SA Rua do Ouro, 88 – 1100-063 Lisbon Share apital: €1,972,962,079.58 Registered at the Lisbon Registry of Companies under number single registration and VAT number 507 096 851 LEI: 5493005RLLC1P7VSVC58. Buscar . Our commitments and actions are influenced by our business strategy.While creating value for our stakeholders, we have identified two main pillars and priorities related to sustainable development: 2. Sustainability and CSR. This commitment includes the implementation of the Standards of Business Conduct, designed to reinforce a culture of diversity and to reduce discrimination in the workplace. 13fi4 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT MAIN FIGURES 4 Main figures Financial indicators Balance sheet and income statement (€ million) 2014 2013* Customer lending (net) 734,711 684,690 Cus Santander Sustainability Report 2006 Participant. Sustainability; Customers; Employees; Communities; Suppliers; CSR; CSR reports; Taxation strategy; Modern slavery statement; Santander (UK) Group Pension Scheme; About Santander UK . See the evolution of Santander's results in sustainability and the indicators that monitor our economic, social and environmental performance. The Sustainability strategy reflects Santander’s ambition to be a responsible bank and to further integrate social and environmental considerations into business decisions. Bor 14 years we have been boosting the renewable energy sector in the country. Santander Brasil has made a commitment to support the UN campaign for equal rights and fair treatment for LGBTI people. See what we have done. Santander Totta, SGPS – Annual Report 2018 1 Proposal Santander Totta, SGPS . We are one of the banks that invest the most in the expansion of renewable energy in Brazil. We are committed to the pledge that Brazil made in the Paris Agreement: to reach a target for renewable energy of 45 % by 2030. 54 Sustainability in Santander Chile. This report highlights the importance of transparency in responding to key environmental, social and governance issues and how Santander is bringing its purpose to life – to help people and businesses prosper. Viewer; Transcript; 2014 SUSTAINABILITY REPORT 1. Annual Report 2018 FINANCIAL/ SUSTAINABILITY. sustainability report 2014 - Banco Santander coordinator of the non-executive ..... New dividend policy: cash pay-out increased to 30% of recurring profit. Sustainable Governance. BBVA has announced its progress in its climate change strategy with the publication of its sustainability policy and its first report on the risks and opportunities associated with climate change according to the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) standard. Santander UK plc – 2019 Annual Report. Document . Comment. The Risk Supervision, Regulation and Compliance committee oversees the corporate social responsibility policy, making sure it is followed and is aimed at creating value for the Bank. 2007/10/31 Time period. By-laws, Code and Policies Corporate Governance and NYSE Recommendations Ownership Structure Management Board Minutes and Shareholders Meetings. We will do this by being Simple, Personal and Fair in everything we do. It also approves the sustainability report. Santander Chile defines sustainability as the capacity to adapt to new challenges using creativity and innovation; to create value for its interest groups; and to procure economic and strive for economic and social progress, mitigating the environmental impact wherever it is present. Banco Santander has created a quality mark that will help companies with up revenue of up to €50 million to demonstrate their sustainability status to their customers and suppliers, either public or private; and to structure, understand and improve the information and the level of implementation of sustainability areas that may be required in certain public tenders.