Visit our corporate site. Interpretation of the news based on evidence, including data; projecting how events might unfold based on past events or how products and services compare against each other. BA1 1UA. Fully's Jarvis line of tables has a superb reputation, and a few different finishes to choose from, which change the price, but we think the best combination of looks, value and eco-friendliness is offered by its bamboo-topped version. The Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk (EN1B+R4830B) also earned an Editor’s Choice award in our recent review. Learn About Our Frames You will receive a verification email shortly. Well, working from home is more popular than ever, and the more time you spend hunched over a laptop keyboard with poor posture, the worse it is for your neck, spine, hips, and knees. Its spacious design gives you enough room to fit two monitors, a laptop, external keyboard, mouse, and more. Uplift V2 is a standing desk that benefits from top-notch build quality, and prides itself on stability. Standing desks are an understated tool on the journey to outstanding spinal health. Ergonomic Desk F.A.Q. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Over 100,000 items Free Shipping 365 Days Return Policy 5 Year Warranty Different Payment Methods Over 1 Million Satisfied Customers Our final pick goes to iMovr, whose first Lander desk is a superb option at a premium price point, but offers up the Lander Lite to satiate those who don't want to spend quite as much. Buy a Electric Adjustable Standing Desk 180 x 80 cm White DESTIN II at Beliani UK. Laptop Mag is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. So, if you don't find what you're looking for, just ask our experts who will help you find a solution OR point you in the right direction. Granted, this desk doesn’t achieve the same whiz-bang effect as Fully Jarvis’ hardwood options, but Flexispot helps keep holistic health at the forefront of your workday. Transitioning from sedentary to sit-stand habits was pivotal in helping me drop the weight — and keep it off. For certain demographics, however — such as middle-aged folks with daily back pain — standing desks can be an excellent tool to improve one’s quality of life. That's a bold claim, but not a surprising one. Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, Turns out, I’ve been using the wrong kind of desk my entire life; standing and sit-stand desks are far healthier for my lanky frame. This model comes with a Bamboo top that looks decent and is environmentally conscious. At the end of the day, a standing-centric lifestyle is unequivocally healthier than hours of cramped, unhealthy posture. Working from home sure is en vogue (and in many cases required) these days, but not every home is conducive to work. Uplift V2 To learn more about the UPLIFT V2 Frame and UPLIFT V2-Commercial Frame, click here. Bath Please refresh the page and try again. It’s simply inevitable. Also, be sure to consider what you’ll be storing on the desk long-term; the desk frame’s size and build should be dependent on your specific needs, and some standing desk frames are flimsier than others. All rights reserved. That’s because they manufacture some of the top-selling Chinese-made office products on the market today. With eight resistance levels to choose from, you can take multitasking to another stratosphere; the built-in LED display (powered by two AA batteries) keeps track of time, speed, calories burned, RPM, and distance/total distance. Regardless, we've gathered together some of the very best standing desks on the market for you, right here. Uplift V2 2-Leg Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame (White) with Advanced 1-Touch Digital Memory Keypad: Kitchen & Home Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. (To that end, some reviewers reported questionable build quality, and hard-to-fact-check sustainability claims.) Editor’s note: As a 180-pound, 6-foot-3-inch 30-something with two ACL replacements in my left knee, sitting for long bouts of time is an uphill battle; I’m always more comfortable on my feet. The end result? Idåsen is a superb variable-height desk that we really like on the looks side of things, with a simple mechanism to raise and lower its height. ), Desk Type: Electric | Weight Capacity: 350 pounds | Height Range: 24.5 to 50 inches | Desktop Size: 48 x 30 x 0.8 inches to 72 x 30 x 0.8 inches | Weight: 46 pounds (frame only), 100 pounds (frame and desktop). For example, some desks are only designed to hold around 50 pounds, while others can handle upwards of 500 pounds. Best of all, it can support up to 350 pounds. Picture: Uplift Desk It's really easy to assemble too – ideal when you're tired and have no patience for DIY. Not only will you be able to move it up and down, you’ll also be able to choose your own desktop material. The Health Hazards Of Sitting Vari makes some of the very best, and its best-selling model, the Pro Plus 36, is a great choice. As a freelance writer, I’ve never felt truly comfortable behind any of my post-collegiate desks. Standing desks are becoming more popular than ever, as people learn about the health hazards of sitting all day long. There was a problem. It's a dead-simple standing desk that adjusts at the touch of a paddle, and has nice clean design which doesn't scream out that it's adjustable at a hundred paces, which can be nice if it's intended to be part of your home. Readydesk 2 - It’s simple, functional, and reminiscent of traditional Japanese joinery. But if you have a power drill and some patience, this allows you to build your ideal desk piece by piece. While the jury is still out on how much of an impact standing desks can have on one’s overall health, Flexispot takes their sit-stand-move concept a giant leap further with the Deskcise Pro V9 desk-bike hybrid. Check out our best desk list. (I suffered from mild scoliosis as a teenager, and am susceptible to lower back pain as an adult; most desk chairs make me fidgety, too.). From a holistic standpoint, an uncomfortable workstation can become a ticking time bomb for potential injury — both short- and long-term. Whether you’re commuting into an office or working from home, a standing desk is a game-changer. If you’ve never purchased a stationary office desk before, consider yourself lucky; the process can be an exercise in frustration. Autonomous Inc helps offices #worksmarter VariDesk Pro Plus 36 - Add some ergonomic elegance to your office with this two-tier standing desk converter. In short, organic comfort is key. 2003 - 2021 © Pocket-lint Limited PO Box 4770, Ascot, SL5 This adjustable desk features a steel frame consisted of 2 supporting legs that are wider at the bottom. The Uplift V2 is among the most top-rated standing desks. With a variety of desktop sizes (42 inches to 80 inches long) and eye-catching finishes (bamboo, walnut, ash, mahogany, cherry) to choose from, the UpLift V2 really shines in the customization department. The seat could be more comfortable, but that’s a quick fix. I looked in a lot of places for months now and I landed on UPLIFT mostly because of the 535lb lifting capacity. The Uplift V2 standing desk is the third generation in a line of higher-end workstations. Our guide to the best standing desks to buy today Uplift Uplift V2. I know Jarvis is right there too but almost everything else I looked at was in the 100-200 range... which surprised me since they are all in the same price range as the uplift L at this size. According to Flexispot, stand-capable workstations can boost your overall productivity by a whopping 46% (in comparison to sit-only desks), and send your energy levels through the roof. (And psyche, probably.) But the Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk takes things to another level. For those who put in a lot of screen time (for work or play), such an investment could have a lasting impact on your long-term health. And it's available in unique styles and bundles like Mojo Workspaces that include our standing desk and matching Mobile Storage Cabinet. Like other Uplift Desk branded desks, the v2 Commercial comes with a solid warranty on the frame. Just like the other standing desks on this list, the ApexDesk Elite Series 60-inch ups the ante for your office aesthetics. All while maintaining industry-leading stability and a 355 lb lifting capacity. From the company website, you can essentially build the best standing desk from scratch, choosing your desktop size/style, frame type, wire grommets, and keypad. The desk is made from a single slab of industrial-grade steel, and its medium density fiberboard (MDF) desktop is coated with an anti-scratch, high-pressure laminate. UPLIFT 3-Leg Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame (Black) with Advanced 1-Touch Digital Memory Keypad: Office Products Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Furna is a Standing Desk Supplier based in London offering a range of Standing Desks for offices throughout the UK and Europe. UPLIFT Desk Review: Andrew poured through the internet to find the best standing desk out there and totally nailed it. No one fancies a disorganized desk or office, and it is only proper to minimize the space used in order to maximize a neat and classy appearance. An issue which can be found with some standing desks is that they might be a bit wobbly, particularly when extended to higher levels. The bike seat’s height adjusts between 29.6 and 37.2 inches, which is designed for users between 5-foot-1 inch and 6-foot-2 inches tall, which is ironic since many back pain-sufferers are most certainly taller than that. These workstations come in all shapes and sizes, so measure your home office dimensions before buying. The … squirrel_widget_238813. See our full Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk review. The ergonomic workstation you never knew you needed, Desk Type: Electric | Weight Capacity: 154 pounds | Height Range: 29 to 48.6 inches | Desktop Size: 48 x 30 inches | Weight: 47 pounds (frame only), 81.8 pounds (frame and desktop). For our money, the very best standing desks are variable, in that they let you change their height not just to adjust for different sizes of user, but also to revert to traditional, sitting desks when you're in need of one. Uplift V2 is one of the best standing desks that benefits from top-notch build quality, and prides itself on stability (Image credit: Human Solution) 1. Oh yeah, and let’s talk about productivity. There are two factors that help make it stand out: It's sturdy with a functional design, and it has endless options for customization. Flexispot Value Electric Height Adjustable Desk 2020 Review. The Benefits of a Standing Desk. Join Our FREE Newsletter Stay in the loop with new office & work from home trends, new release and exclusive... Read More. You can also upgrade your desk with myriad accessories, such as a standing mat, writing pad, surge protector, monitor arm, keyboard tray, and even an under-desk hammock(!) Still, though, if you're serious about your home working this will be a great riser. Smart Home buyer's guides, Looking for a traditional desk? Be sure to check availability before ordering. And I’d say it’s worth a look. Folks in the UK can have an Uplift shipped, but it’s a sensible idea to only purchase the frame and get your own desktop locally (otherwise shipping could be … No matter which frame you end up choosing, rest easy knowing you'll be working at the most advanced sit-stand desk available. The Uplift desk comes in a standard model, plus a commercial version (with even more stability, courtesy of a crossbar). Before you buy, make sure the dimensions of your new standing desk align with the dimensions of your own body. If you’re looking for the best standing desk around, take a gander at the Fully Jarvis Bamboo Standing Desk. © No fertilizers or pesticides were used when growing the bamboo. It was a 2018 honoree in the CES Innovation Awards. UPLIFT Desk V2 frames are available in 2-leg, 3-leg, and 4-leg configurations and work with desktops of almost any size and shape. A great way to stretch your legs at the office — or around your home, Desk Type: Bike/Manual Adjusting | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds | Height Range: 34.5 to 47.2 inches | Desktop Size: 23 x 16.5 inches | Weight: 89 pounds. That all changes when you’ve got a standing desk behind...err, in front of you. And in order to do that, somebody (probably you) needs to assemble an unwieldy desk in your office. It looks classy and unassuming and is also priced very sensibly for the market, with cable management thrown in under the desktop to make things better. MojoDesk is a top reviewed electric sit-to-stand desk that adjusts to your perfect ergonomic position. IKEA has to be part of the conversation whenever you're talking about furniture, and many of its office options are far from the usual low-priced affairs it offers. … Many standing desks are designed not only with enhanced ergonomics, but also adjustable settings that let them slide into places most stationary desks can’t. The underlying principle is pretty simple: sedentary stuff — like watching TV, web browsing, or checking emails — becomes instantly active when you throw an exercise bike into the mix. The three standard Uplift boxes for the V2 Curved Corner Standing Desk, with no accessories included, weigh 170 lbs. If you've already got a desk that you like, or don't really want to buy a full, mechanised standing desk, there are thankfully some great solutions out there to let you adapt an existing surface to your work. England and Wales company registration number 5237480. When standing in place for long periods of time, the soles of your feet will eventually get sore. That means you can load up your workspace with all the goodies. This subreddit is all about standing desks, also known as stand up desks, adjustable height desks, and sit to stand desks. This contoured workspace provides more than enough room for all your 9-to-5 business essentials, and you can choose from a variety of beautiful desktop finishes (black, white, walnut, light oak) to match the surrounding decor. No matter your height or build, the Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk is an attractive, rock-solid workstation that’s as customizable as your imagination will allow. If you’re concerned with unwanted weight gain in the time of COVID, standing and sit-stand desks may help combat obesity (to some degree); the human body burns more calories while standing up than it does sitting down. Call me crazy, but there are only so many hours of blood, sweat, and tears a person can put into a 300-pound Wayfair purchase before Consumer Stockholm Syndrome inevitably sets in. The Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Review (EN1B+R4830B) is more than just a standing desk: it’s the workstation you never knew you needed. Nonetheless, its desks are superbly made and easy to use. (Pocket-lint) - Standing desks are here to stay. We’re not the only ones who like this contraption, by the way. The more dynamic (and/or cluttered) your workspace, the more you’re bound to appreciate a standing desk. Initially dismissed by some as a fad when they first gained popularity a few years ago, most people who've actually tried them are converts - being able to change your posture and spend some time working on your feet can be a real boon if you've got back pain or just fancy a change. The electric UPLIFT V2-Commercial Standing Desk is the upgraded version of the regular V2 Standing Desk. Everyone has a fitness journey, and when it comes to professional productivity, an ergonomically sound workstation is a proverbial step in the right direction. Let us show you why we have been chosen the "Best Standing Desk" by Wirecutter in both 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 review periods. Got less money to spend? The 23 x 16.5-inch desktop is fully adjustable between 34.5 and 47.2 inches high and can be moved forward or backward as well. According to the American Chiropractic Association, back pain is the #1 cause of disability worldwide; half of all working Americans admit to back pain symptoms, accounting for more than 264 million lost work days each year. That adaptability makes it a really versatile bit of kit for any home office, although we can't deny that it does have a rather corporate air to it. No matter how much research you do ahead of time, there’s simply no way to know how comfortable — or how cramped — a given desk may be until you try it out yourself. This part is pretty obvious, but don’t buy a desk that won’t fit in the room you bought it for. Some companies sell anti-fatigue mats to complement their standing desks, but you can forgo such padding with a well-placed rug and the proper footwear. Uplift has grown itself a real reputation as one of the true specialists of the standing desk world, having read the room a few years back and made desks for the masses (although they're not exactly priced with mass-market appeal in mind). That, frankly, still lands it directly in the middle of the price range that standing desks occupy, but that's fine on our end. (Forearms at a slightly downward angle.) If you fancy going the standing desk route, then we can offer no better recommendation than the Uplift V2. And according to, 54% of Americans who experience lower back pain spend most of their office hours sitting down. You can’t go wrong with an ApexDesk Elite Series 60 standing desk, either. Helpful Links. Enhanced mobility is never a bad thing, to be sure, especially when it comes to your home office. The Eco desktop is made of 100% recycled wood MDF, which is stronger and denser than particle board. (This is ideal for weight loss, by the way, which is all about the math.). Falling somewhere between sitting desk, sit-stand desk, and gym equipment, the Flexispot Deskcise Pro V9B is essentially an exercise bike with an adjustable tabletop attached to the front. I also underwent a 70-pound weight-loss transformation in my late 20s, and am well-attuned to the lifestyle changes that helped me get there. It's a cleanly-designed desk, with controls that are some of the simplest on the market, while it's also extremely easy to set up out of the box, which is something that most variable-height desks struggle with. The spacious, customizable desktop remains stable at all heights, and its scratch-resistant laminate coating keeps things clean. Standing desks come in all shapes and sizes, but there are a few things to consider before clicking “add to cart.”. This finely structured adjustable monitor arm can be tilted back up to 70 degrees and forward at 5 degrees. Just remember, a standing desk is no substitute for proper fitness and nutrition; spending a little more time on your feet isn’t going to reverse the effects of a sedentary lifestyle overnight. Useful keypad presets and “sitting too long” reminder, Generous five-year warranty for frame and motor, Genuinely lets you burn calories during office hours, Uncomfortable during extended periods (30+ minutes), Designed for heights between 5-foot-1-inch and 6-foot-2-inches, 2. An above-average standing desk that’s also a great value, Desk Type: Electric | Weight Capacity: 225 pounds | Height Range: 29 to 48 inches | Desktop Size: 60 x 28 inches | Weight: 131 pounds. All rights reserved. Furna is a Standing Desk Supplier based in London offering a range of Standing Desks for offices throughout the UK and Europe. The end result? This is a great standing desk, simply put. The warranty coverage on the surfaces being sold by Uplift Desk is a bit more murky. Oh, and it’ll convert any desk into a standing two-monitor setup in no time flat. See our full Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk (EN1B+R4830B) review. Uplift is nicely stable, though, thanks to built-in stability braces. Endlessly customizable comfort, no matter your body type. Having an elbow-height desk that you can simply walk away from (as opposed to standing up and down) is a real game-changer, and it allows you to multitask without the usual leg/back stiffness that accompanies long bouts of computer activity. Improve your posture and get your Mojo rising working from home.Feel more comfortable, productive, and energetic today. Each desk frame has a weight limit of 154 lbs to 275 lbs, depending on the model.) It has loads of different customisation option as you purchase to make sure that you get the combination of finishes that best suits you, and has attracted rave reviews from all corners, cementing its place at the top of the standing desk food chain. Overall, if you’re looking for the best standing desk that looks great and offers tons of functionality, you’d be hard-pressed to do better than the Fully Jarvis Standing Desk. UpLift Standing Desk (V2 & V2 Commercial), We check over 130 million products every day for the best prices, Best Games of the Year 2020: Cyberpunk 2077 made the cut, Now that you have a place for it, here are the. Founded in the early 1800’s as a clock manufacturer (specialty gears), in the 1970’s they evolved, creating a gear and motor division for vertical adjustment. 5DP. Speaking of which, Fully Jarvis’ customization options can quickly bump the price up to an exorbitant amount. The VertDesk v3’s motor is built by Ketterer, a leading German gear and motor manufacturer. (Also, advertising.). The Uplift V2 desk's four legs also makes it one of the heaviest lifters and it can handle up to 535 pounds of gear. Flexispot Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk (EN1B+R4830B), 4. It’s harder to doze off in the middle of a Zoom meeting while standing upright, after all. Desktops are often adjustable between 21 and 56 inches; your monitor should be at eye level, and your elbows at your sides. This can be a daunting task. How durable is the Eco Curve desktop? An affordable standing desk with lots of customization options, Desk Type: Electric | Weight Capacity: 355 pounds | Height Range: 24.3 x 49.9 inches | Desktop Size: 42 x 30 inches to 80 x 30 inches | Weight: 68 to 93 pounds (base only), UpLift has been around for a while (since 2002, to be precise), so you might be familiar with this brand already. They arrived by freight, delivered to … Thanks to multiple customization options, eco-friendly build materials, and sturdy construction, this electric powerhouse is one solid investment. The Jarvis Standing desk is as adjustable as you can get. (Such as athletic sandals.). The dual motors can handle an impressive 355-pound load capacity, and if you spring for the advanced keypad (a premium feature), you can add some useful height presets to the mix. UpLift is known for inflated advertising claims, so take their marketing materials with a big grain of salt. Pick the style and shape that elevates your office in the direction of better ergonomics, and pair with our popular UPLIFT V2 Desk Frame for the complete desk that keeps you working. UPLIFT Desk Eco Curve desktops are made to be durable and will stand up well to the weathers of work. Why should you test-drive a standing desk? (Both literally and figuratively.