Off-road LED light bars are easy to install and, because they are LEDs, they use very little battery power while greatly increasing illumination. My initial disappointment of LED light bars, when compared to the results of the round versions, was from a touring point of view; the bars simply didn’t cut it for medium to high speed driving on the open road. (Also similar ones in … Add to Cart . Let’s see. There are, however, a few benefits of running with LED lighting over traditional forms; most excel in lower currant draw, have no warm up time, have a massive (most say over 50,000 hours) life span and can offer a spread in both horizontal and vertical planes. Not to take anything away from the visual appeal of Driving Lights, but there is something about that brilliant row of light emblazoned across the dash that can be truly awe-inspiring. We test the brightest of the round crop in an ultimate comparison. Light Bars Mini-Light Bars Sirens/Speakers Beacons Exterior Mount / Perimeter Warning Lights Interior Mount Warning Lights Compartment and Dome Lighting Directional Warning Lights Area Lighting Back-up Alarms Accessories The LED light bar makes it possible for the driver to drive in areas with poor vision and at night with great ease. As we detailed in previous blogs about how to install LED Light Bars, the regulations around how and where you can do this are confusing and inconsistent from state to state. LED light bars are the most critical car accessories especially for night vision and outdoor driving. Every SBL Light Bar is made from 6063 aluminum with a durable powder coat finish. The first reason is its durability. In the world of off-roading, we reckon there’s another thorny question that we can add to the vast pantheon of unanswered questions: When it comes to aftermarket lighting, are LED Headlights or LED Light Bars the best option for your vehicle. These types are best suited for seeing into the ditches at night, or lighting up a broad area on a work site, field, etc. We rig up a cruiser and head bush to put korr’s led lights to the test. Fax: +61 3 5033 0793. Light Bars SHOP CATEGORIES Truck Accessories Chevy/GMC Ford Dodge Toyota Universal Tires Wheels UTV Accessories Polaris Can-Am Wheels Audio Winches Implements Hunting $39 .00 Add to … especially if you can get … Ideally, the higher the lumens, the brighter the illumination. It stands to reason, then, that anything that provides a broader field of vision will be a crucial part of safe driving. Ensuring that your lights are correctly installed is a critical factor in achieving the best performance. Light Bars on Sale Exterior Light Bars in All Sizes Full size light bars are beneficial in a variety of settings. The linear alignment spreads the light over a wider area, giving superior peripheral visibility. High Performance Single Row Off-road LED Light Bars: Built with cutting edge 3watt/5watt/10 Watt CREE or OSRAM LED technologies. There’s also the varying state regulatory systems that can’t comprehend technical advancements, nor agree with one another from state to state as to whether light bars are legal. All Rights Reserved. First choice here is a split decision. Single row light bars aren’t common on trucks or jeeps, however, are common on desert race vehicles. Unfortunately, many amber light bars have fewer lumens than standard light bars. Whether you’re pounding through the bush or hurtling over the black-top, a deeper field of vision will give you more significant time to react to potential obstacles, keeping you and your passengers safer. While delivering over 9,000 lumens of light, it draws less than 8 amps. Most manufacturers use a 60 degree shroud to disperse light in a flood pattern while the spot light uses 30 degree shroud to get a more narrowed focal point. But yes, a good HID spot is still great! And equally, light bars with more lumens tend to be more expensive. Plus, you can connect up to three separate Play Bars to a single power unit. Verdict: LED Driving Lights clear winners, but Light Bars have made significant improvements in recent times. Why? Off road driving at night or during poor visibility conditions need not be a concern with LED light bars. $59.99 Two 7" LED Adjustable Light Bars. What's included Raptor-X Linear Visor Light Bar 11' of Cable from Light Bar to Aesthetics Our vehicles are our pride and joy, and we want them to look as fabulous as they perform. Joined Nov 26, 2007 Messages 16,162 Location Many readers will be familiar with the heart-stopping vision of a ‘roo jumping out into the middle of the road from the surrounding foliage. 4x4 LED Light Bars. By Mark Allen, 18 Apr 2016 Electronics & Gadgets. They're a reliable, all-purpose … As we all know, anything can happen in the bush. Baja Designs offers high performance LED lights and light bars for off road trucks, UTVs, and ATVs. Regular price $145.95 View. Our light bars have several options for color and beam pattern. 8 September 2011 #1 Just popped into Aldi and found a cereal bar that they do, which is 61 calories and taste exactly the same as Alpen Lights. Locate which light bars fits you best. Therefore, if you want a super bright LED light bar, then go for a … CREE is the latest LED technology that is revolutionising the lighting industry due to their outstanding energy efficiency, intense bright light and incredible life span compared to a normal incandescent bulb. Alpen Light Bars Vs Aldi's own. LED lights are fast becoming the most effective lighting solution for 4WD's. LED Light Bars and Lumens Lumens (lm) are considered to be the measure of the total amount of light visible from a beam. Can an old-school candle – FYRLYT’s 9000 nemesis – outshine the latest technology? The same is probably the case here. It pays to thoroughly research this area before diving in and installing your LED Light Bar in a way that could get you into trouble. I’ll wager not many bullbars have uprights spaced far enough apart to slot a one-metre-plus light in between. Campsite-friendly products that are new to market. Jun 24, 2013. nmurph Sponsor. 4d LED bars utilize the same technical components as a classic off-road LED light bar, but with some additional components used to magnify the actual beam of light. Tailgate light bars are a really useful addition the back of almost any truck. Sure, there are a couple on test that cast a medium length beam at decent Lux readings, but they fall well short compared to the round versions. They can act in a whole host of capacities, performing as brake lights, turning signals, or simply for general visibility. If you’ve got the budget and can spare the power, why not go for the peaceful middle path and settle the debate once and for all. . LAMPHUS SolarBlast 34W LED Construction Tow Truck Security Patrol Vehicle Strobe Warning Mini Light Bars (OTHER COLOR AVAILABLE) – AMBER 4.3 out of 5 stars 59 $150.00 $ 150. WhichCar is now home to Wheels, Motor, 4X4 Australia and Street Machine magazines. Head shakingly dumb, isn’t it? Spot vs Flood LED Light There are 3 types of LED light dispersion available in today’s light bars – spot, flood, and a combination of both. These truck light bars can be used off road and also for work, such as construction, industrial or agricultural. If you compare the Cree led light bar with Osram, you will see that the durability of Cree led light bar is better than Osram and others as well. The loss of rigidity combined with the fact that the body of the guide bar is no longer monolithic makes this bar a bad choice for saw operators who pry or … While beauty might be in the eye of the holder in this subjective category Two types of light bars, some has both leds in. 465. Budget vs. quality At the market place, you can get a number of options in best off road led light bars, but you need to make the ultimate selection 6" Heated NightDriver Series Double Row ECE LED Light Bar - N236EM-HL-1. Double row light bars are obviously going to produce more light, and though they are a little pricier, are usually the preferred choice of the two. Thread starter Penguin_Hell; Start date 8 September 2011; Penguin_Hell Full Member.