100% wild flower mixtures are best sown into existing grass or combined with a suitable grass seed mix. Purchase Packs Select the required pack, set the quantity if more than one of the same pack is required, then click Add to Basket. Learn more Contents of Clay Soils Wildflower Plant Collection Wildflower Plug Plants - Contents of Clay Soils Plant Collection Learn more . If your soil turns from soup in the spring to concrete in the summer, this is the seed mix for you! These carefully chosen 55cc wildflower plug plants are grown from guaranteed British seed, mostly collected by our suppliers themselves. They are grown without the use of peat based compost, fungicides or pesticides. 19 Wild Flower species. Mix of annuals and perennials native to the US that grows well in clay soil. For more heavy clay soils conditions. Endeavour to select groundthat is not highly fertile and does not have a problem with perennial weeds. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Annuals and Perennials Open Pollinated. Step-by-Step Wildflower Seed Planting Instructions. Yarrow is particularly successful in clay soils. Request pricing for a large volume order. It's a great mix which I have used for the back garden to cover a piece of soil that has never been keen on anything. The soil condition is a key factor to ensuring you choose the correct wildflower mix. Just like a clover, it is exceptionally good at attracting bees and pollinators and due to its 'sprawling' ability, is particularly good at thriving in clay soils! You can plant wildflower plugs at almost any time of year, as long as the plugs are available and the ground is neither waterlogged, bone dry or frozen solid. Collection will contain a minimum of 10 species from below list; Yarrow, Common Knapweed, Lady's bedstraw, Meadow Cranesbill, Meadow Vetchling, Rough hawkbit, Oxeye daisy, Birds-foot trefoil, Ragged robin, Cowslip, Meadow Buttercup, Common Sorrel, Betony, Devilsbit scabious, Wild Red clover. It contains over 40 different native wild flower species at an exceptionally high ratio of 45% wild flowers to grasses. Ladies Bedstraw, a spectacular and useful wildflower for clay soil . John Chambers Pro Clay Soils 100% Wildflower Seed Mix has been designed and mixed with a range of wildflower seed for the professional installer, the Pro-range provides a series of mixes that have been modified to include more commonly found species to suit a wide variety of growing conditions. British Native Wildflower Perennial Plug Plants. https://www.wildflower.co.uk/.../clay-soils-wildflower-plant-collection.html Despite its name, Black Medick is actually a yellow wildflower that resembles a clover. Free 25 grm of Cottage Garden Seed with each order. If you would like your order held back please let us know. Recognizing clay soils. Contains: wildflowers 20% (18 species) grasses 80% (7 species) Sowing Rate: 5 g/sq. Clay soil plugs - small plug plant species available from our range, for soils that dry out during the summer and retain water during the winter. Perennial wildflower meadows often take over 12 months to fully establish so we include a little native annual wildflower seed in our mixtures for additional first year colour. Choose from our huge range of perennial wild flower species to create a beautiful meadow of British native wildflowers. Preparing a seed bed on clay can be difficult, particularly on raw clay sub-soil… Sand will help spread seeds better without clumps and can be seen better to aid in spreading. Blend of wildflower plants that will give a meadow that flowers throughout the summer on clay soils once established. If you order 150 we will send you 15 plugs of 10 species drawn from the list as we have them available. Wildflower plug plants for sale. This item Wildflower Seeds - Heavy Clay Soil 100% Wildflower Mix - 5 gms. To prepare a seed bed first remove weeds using repeated cultivation or a herbicide. For step-by-step instructions see our How … If you require specific species then you need to order from the Perennial plug plants, All our wildflower plants are grown in the UK from native UK produced seed. There are up to 20 different species listed and we will send you either 5 by 10 or 15 by 10 from the following list of species, as they are available. Wildflower Seed (Clay Soils) - MWF 4. Full trays of plugs contain 104 plugs and half trays 52 plugs. You can buy it in multiples of 50 or 150 plugs. Turning in organic matter helps aerate the soil, and this is something you can continue to do over time. John Chambers Clay Soils Wildflower Plug Plants, the species in this collection are found on clay soils, which may retain water occasionally, yet dry out and crack open in the summer. Annuals like to be sown into disturbed soil and clay soils are better suited to grazing and hay-making than they are to ploughing and harvesting crops. Package of 30,000 Seeds, Bird and Butterfly Wildflower Mixture (100% Pure Live Seed) … Never apply fertiliser or any type of selective, broadleaf weed control to a damp clay soil wildflower meadow. There are up to 20 different species listed and we will send you either 5 by 10 or 15 by 10 from the following list of species, as they are available. British Wild Flower Plants is the largest grower of native plants in the UK. Clay soil also has a tendency of getting very hard and cracking when it does dry out. Prefers acid soil. The wildflower species in this mix were picked for their unbridled ability to root, grow and thrive in sandy soils conditions, turning your sandy soil eyesore into a wildflower haven. Usage: Plants particularly found on heavy clay soils A minimum of 10 species will be … with sand for better visibilty and scatter the seeds directly on top of the soil. These plants can tolerate the twoextremes of being in baked solid soil in the summer and prolonged dampness atother times. Plugs should be planted, preferably in weed free soil, at the beginning of the growing season in late March to April and should be watered in thoroughly. For best results sow into bare soil after clearing all existing plants and weeds from the area. Our Plants. BS5P Heavy Clay Soils Wildflower Seed Mix performs best in low nutrient soils, which haven’t been heavily fertilised in the past. Mixture specification (all percentages by seed weight) 80% meadow grass:20% Wild flower Wildflowers for Clay. If sown alone without grass onto bare soil the spaces left between the sown flowers will be filled by grasses and other weeds. Wildflowers for Clay Soil – High Country Gardens offers this pack of perennial wildflower seeds for clay soils that is tailored to attracting Monarchs. Clay soil: Bird's foot trefoil, Greater knapweed,Self heal,Lady's smock,Meadow cranesbill, Yarrow,Red clover,Ragged robin,Meadow buttercup,Lady's bedstraw,Field scabious,Betony and my favorite wild flower Ox-eye Daisy. This wildflowers mixture is great for use on all clay soils and uses species typically found on this soil type. Please don't hesitate to get in touch Native British Wild Flower Plugs, Plants, Bulbs & Seeds including Meadow Mixes. Blend of wildflower plants that will give a meadow that flowers throughout the summer on clay soils once established. All of them will thrive in heavy stony soil, and include coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara), lesser knapweed (Centaurea nigra) and … Includes 2 annuals Poppy and Yellow Rattle and 17 Perennials (Meadow Buttercup in Photo). All plugs are 40cc in volume. A meadow that flowers throughout the summer. See All Options. Small wildflower plugs of 27cc should be planted at a density of 20 plants per m2 in clusters of 4 to 5 plants per species. Clay is a very common soil type and we are frequently asked which wildflowers will grow best on this type of soil. Delivery is from Mid September through to the End of April. 3 Plants @ £9 6 Plants @ £16 12 Plants @ £28 . Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. If you order 50 plugs we will send 5 plants of 10 species. × We'll send you occasional email newsletters when we have new products, sale items or other important information... © 2012-2020 MAS Seeds Ltd, 14 Golding Avenue, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 1TH | Tel: 0800 0854399 | Email: shop@meadowmania.co.uk. You can buy it in multiples of 50 or 150 plugs. We have a number of articles and news stories that you may find of interest about this product. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Landlife Wildflowers are expert suppliers of wildflower seeds, plants and bulbs. 2.7% Ribwort Plantain. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. They’re usually sold in multipacks. This wildflower mixture contains 18 native species of wildflowers (20%) and 80% of appropriate meadow grasses. 17 wild flower species. Loam: Bladder Campion, Common SorrelYellow RattleMeadow ButtercupSelfhealCowslipHoary Plantain Ribwort Plantain Musk Mallow Birdsfoot Trefoil Oxeye … Choose a spot on your property that gets 6 or more hours of direct sun a day unless you are planting seeds for shade. Clay, loam and sandy soils plant plug collection. If you want to turn a small front lawn into a meadow, or want to add wildflowers to an area of bulbs naturalised in grass, plugs are perfect. Sow at 3-4 grams per square metre or 10-16 Kgs per acre. The potential species included are as follows Yarrow, betony, common knapweed, ladyÍs bedstraw, meadow cranesbill, field scabious, meadow pea, greater hawkbit, ox eye daisy, birdsfoot trefoil, ragged robin, spiny rest harrow, ribwort plantain, cowslip, self heal, meadow buttercup, hay rattle, common sorrel, great burnet, devil bits scabious, goatsbeard, red clover, tufted vetch. For advice on specific bespoke projects, please contact a member of the team on 01423 369730. Grows up to 5' or more. In my neck of the woods, here in Southwestern Pennsylvania, most of us have clay soil. It’s great for southwestern gardens. Learn about 23 perennials for clay soil that are easy to grow and make your flower garden easy to maintain and beautiful.. All prices include VAT. More Wildflowers for Clay Soil – this might be a little overboard for some, but this site sells a super-sized collection of seeds that you can compare your seed packet as well. Help Us Keep Magento Healthy - Report All Bugs. Clay soil is notorious for being difficult to work with but there are a many excellent wildflowers and native grasses that thrive in clay! Bare root plant or plug. If soil is a hard, no draining clay soil then compost should be added to help aid drainage. The type of soil you have makes all the difference when you are creating or growing an ornamental garden. They're selected for different soil types, situations and objectives, and are offered in trays of 104 plants. Native British WildFlower Meadow seed mix. These are some of my favourites wild flowers that cope well with the challenges of clay soils. Clay soils are characterized by frequent water-logging in … Landlife Wildflowers is a trading name of Boston Seeds Ltd, company registration 4226773, DEFRA registrated seed merchant 7130. Description. This mix produces some stunningly beautiful wild flower landscapes, small and large. While dealing with clay soil can be difficult at times, it can provide a basis for a nutrient rich garden. Sowing rate 4 grams per square metre. Check for your last frost date and plant after this has passed. m Mix to create a wildflower meadow on clay soils. Sedges & Rushes. Clay Soil Native - Wildflower Mix. In this practical video from Gardeners’ World, Monty Don shows you how to create a wildflower patch from a selection of plug plants. Our British Native Wildflower Perennial Plug Plants are produced for us in the UK and are sourced from British Native UK wild flower seed. Good preparation is essential to success so aim to control weeds and produce a good quality seed bed before sowing. As the species in this mix are RHS Plants for Pollinator approved, they are also a great source of food for bees and other pollinators. Grass mix 80% Wild flowers 20%. Cultivate the ground to a depth of 10cm to relieve compaction and create a fine ; Prepare your soil by clearing the area of all existing growth.Simply dig up everything that is growing, turn the soil and rake the area flat. Can be sown with separate Cornfield annuals as a nurse crop if flowering is required in the first season. Planting Wildflower: Sand should be added to wildflower mixes that do not have filler already mixed in.  if you have any questions or suggestions for us. Then plough or dig to bury the surface vegetation, harrow or rake to produce a medium tilth, and roll, or tread, to produce a firm surface. Wildflowers are very particular when it comes to types of soil. OK. British Wild Flower Plants ... Plants that prefersoil with a high level of clay content. Yarrow. (Clustered Bellflower). Home. Autumn Hawkbit Bladder Campion Coltsfoot ... Loamy soil is a mixture of clay, ... A selection of wild grasses to add to an existing patch of grass or to bolster an area of wild flower planting. Suitable for heavy soil containing lumps of clay that are generally hard to break up. We are sending plug plant orders out now but they are best planted between September and April. I specialise in creating these habitats and this is my unique seed combination for clay, loam and sandy soils.